Socio-Economic Development (SED)

Student Bursary Funding

  • 1% of NPAT = 5 points
  • The Program (SED) is an opportunity for unemployed Black under-graduates or graduates and companies. At TshuletsaAcademy we select, train and
    place unemployed Black learners into participating organisations using an innovative but highly effective regime of training and practical exercises.
  • The Program has its roots in a similar program that has been running since 2003 through Guarantee Trust Corporate Support Services.
  • The total package of successful processes developed in these sister company programs has been made available to TshuletsaAcademy for all
    other disciplines and markets

The principle elements of the Program include:



A comprehensive selection criteria and tools that enable the academy to select those who will make the greatest contribution to their sponsor companies.


A series of well-constructed and delivered training courses that address life and technical skills as defined by researched requirements.



An effective placement department that ensures all participants are placed in companies in sustainable employment.


Well-developed management processes that cover all critical operational areas.

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